Monday, December 1, 2014

NJPW World

When it was announced that Jeff Jarrett's new promotion GFW had secured a PPV spot for New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 9 I was pumped. When they announced that JR would do the commentary for it I was even more excited, but none of that compares to the announcement today about NJPW World their on demand streaming service. It's basically their version of the WWE Network and so far I like the way NJPW's is set up better. When you search a wrestler the results you get are just the match so you don't have to scroll through a video to find the checkpoint for the match it's right there. So far it's set up like youtube for NJPW and that is perfect for me.

If you want to check it out it's at NJPW World and it's easy to sign up with this guide that helps translate it for English speakers Sign up guide The rest of the site is in Japanese as well as are all the searches so I've got a google doc going translating wrestlers names into Japanese and I know that several of these work from experience so far. I'm using google translate to do the work for me so there could be mistakes so feel free to fix things and add wrestlers name translations Another trick about names is that someone like KUSHIDA has to be spelled in all caps or it won't find him. This is a deal that's cheaper than WWE's network and has more shows run per month that go up on the site and has a huge video catalog of awesome wrestling.

Sometime later I'll probably put together a more comprehensive post with recommendations of what to watch and stuff, but right now it's pretty new and I'm just getting the hang of navigating stuff. But if you follow me on twitter @magell2 I'll be tweeting out videos I'm watching since they have wisely built that right into the system so there will be recommendations there.