Friday, November 1, 2013

Major League Wrestling: Reloaded Tour Day 1

Stampede Bulldogs vs. Bobby Quance & Puma

A fun back and forth match between two good teams right here. Puma plays the face in peril and Quance gets a nice hot tag. Puma and Quance get a close near fall with a tombstone from Puma and a follow up shooting star press from Quance before Harry Smith makes the save. The Bulldogs end up with the win after a springboard blockbuster sitout powerbomb combo for the pinfall. An exciting way to open up the show.

Shane Twins vs. Criado & Chad Hart

Then we get this where the Shane Twins use their power to dominate the match until one of the Shane's misses a running clothesline in the corner and Chad Hart rolls him up and has his feet on the ropes for the three count. Quick match, not much too it, and not much fun to watch.

Chayson Rance vs. PJ Friedman vs. Matt Martel

Really short match between these three, but it had some nice comedy of Friedman and Martel beating up Rance and pulling each other off from making the cover. Friedman hits Martel with a sick exploder suplex and then Persephone gets on the ringside and hits Friedman with her heel and Rance rolls him up for a quick pin. Super short match, but had some nice spots.

Roderick Strong & M-Dogg 20 vs. Dark Fuego & Pete Wilson

A back and forth match between these two teams that gets a lot of time. Wilson looks pretty weak on offense, like he doesn't really know what to do, but when it's Strong lighting him up with chops and throwing him around it is glorious. They do some brawling on the outside which is highlight first by how Wilson ends up out there which is Strong nailing him with a powerbomb then picking him up and flipping him out of the ring and onto Fuego, and then after some brawling Fuego and Wilson go up on the second level and moonsault off onto Strong and M-Dogg. The ending is a little weak as Strong and M-Dogg go for a big boot on Fuego, but he ducks and they kick each other then Fuego and Wilson hit 450 splashes for the win. Good work from all these guys taking a match where the crowd was booing some decent back and forth technical stuff from M-Dogg and Wilson to the beginning to making the crowd super hot for everything they were doing. Lots of fun to watch.

Chad Collyer vs. Chris Hero

Wrestling! Exactly the kind of match you'd expect from two awesome technical wrestlers and they do some smooth chain wrestling at the beginning before kicking it up a notch. Everything is crisp and just looks really good. Hero picks up the win when he counters a vertical suplex into the Hero's Welcome. Chad Collyer is a wrestler I love to watch and I wish he had gotten a big break in one of the bigger indy promotions.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Jack Evans

We get a flippy spotty match from these two and it's one of those nights where Evans isn't on his game and it's pretty sloppy. Even the ref gets in on botching the rollup finale so Dutt hits a standing shooting star press to get the three count. Not a bad match, but nothing that good either.

Havana Pitbulls vs. Los Maximos

Solid match from these two tag teams as Los Maximos were on their game and didn't mess up any spots, but they didn't go for any high spots so that definitely helped them out. Finish comes by way of Reyes hitting a Maximo with a backbreaker and then Romero comes off the top with a knee drop for the three count.

American Dragon vs. Teddy Hart

Oh God! Teddy Hart beats Bryan Danielson by submission, I'm so sad. Still it's a good match between these two and it's really intense from the get go with awesome back and forth chain wrestling and Danielson laying in some stiff looking shots. Danielson controls the match until he rips off Teddy Hart's stupid pants and then Hart starts a come back and hits a corkscrew plancha followed up by the shooting star DDT that Danielson avoids into the cattle mutilation, but Hart escapes and gets the submission by armbar.

Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Modest

Decent back and forth between these two before Homicide interferes and distracts Lynn so Modest can roll him up and get a pinfall with a handful of tights.

Steve Corino & Sabu vs. Raven & Vampiro (#1 Contender Match)

This is the dumbest fucking match ever. So Corino is the champ and whoever gets the pinfall gets a title shot except for Raven because Corino used his stroke as champ to stop him from getting that. And whoever gets pinned can't fight for the belt for six months. Corino keeps laying down for Raven and the tag partners keep fighting each other. The match ends when Sabu legdrops Corino through the table and then Vampiro DDTs Raven and puts him on top of Corino so Raven wins, but doesn't get a title shot and then Vampiro beats the shit out of Raven after the match and demands they go one on one at some point in the future. Just a bad concept for a match, although everything is done well it's just too convoluted and takes away from the wrestling.

Homicide vs. Low Ki

And then we get to the main event and these two do what they do which is good stuff. They bring the physicality and go all out for this match. Homicide hits his tope con hilo and kicks a fan as he goes over the guardrail, but it's cool he gives her a hug before going back to beating up Low Ki. Ki escapes the cop killa a couple of times and the second time locks in the dragon sleeper, but Homicide rolls him over to get the three count while still in the submission. After the match there are shenanigans. Jerry Lynn comes out for revenge, but Low Ki stops him because he and Homicide and buddies and just wanted to see who was the better wrestler. But then Gary Hart comes out and has Homicide and Ki beat the shit out of a 'fan' and then Homicide hits Court Bauer, the promoter, over the head with a broom and then they spit on him a bit and talk about how they don't care what he wants he's bringing violence to MLW.

Overall it's a pretty solid show from MLW. In general every MLW show has way too many matches for the amount of time the show lasts, but this time it cut short the matches that deserved to be short and the good matches got enough time although I would have liked to see Danielson vs. Hart and Collyer vs. Hero go for a bit longer. So if you can find this bad boy for cheap think about grabbing it. It's worth the time spent watching it even for an almost ten year old indy show.